Car Lover SLEPT Over 1000 CARS 1

Edward Smith is a literal car lover who currently lives with his “girlfriend” which is a white VW Beetle that goes by the name Vanilla. This Mechaphile insists that he’s not ill and that he has absolutely no wish to change his lifestyle. Yap, Edward Smith is a guy who’s actually sexually attracted to vehicles. He says that he first developed a loving attraction to vehicles and helicopters in 1965.

Car Lover SLEPT Over 1000 CARS 2

This car lover continues to say that every kid at that age awakens their libidinal energy which is part of life. However, even though Jones had a pretty promiscuous youth sleeping with over 1000 cars, he is now settled down.

His VW beetle that goes by the name of Vanilla is the car that he vowed and chose to stay loyal to. He says that when he holds Vanilla in his arms there is a powerful energy that he feels coming from her. He continues to say that if something ever happens to her, he would be extremely heartbroken.

Nevertheless, even though his love for his VW Beetle girlfriend is strong, he’s been known messing around. Some of his other lovers are a 1973 Opel GT that goes by the name of Cinnamon and Splash, which is a ’73 Ford Ranger.

One of his neighbors described Jones as a wonderful soul that has been an awesome neighbor to her throughout the years. Edward Smith’s sexual disorder goes by the name of Mechanophilia. As we said, his attraction goes beyond cars, he’s attracted to helicopters as well.

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