Jay Leno Drive The Almighty 1970 Plymouth Superbird 1

There have been many legendary cars that we have come across over the years, but it seems that only few have managed to be remembered as absolute legends. Jay Leno is one of the people who were lucky enough to get the chance to come across some of the rarest and most valuable cars of all time. Hereby, in this video we see him in yet another one such car in action. Yes, Jay Leno got the chance to sit behind the steering wheel of the absolutely almighty 1970 Plymouth Superbird. The name says it all.

Jay Leno Drive The Almighty 1970 Plymouth Superbird 2

There are not many such cars that are currently in this good condition, but this is in absolutely mint and pristine condition. There is not a single flaw on it and the bright orange color simply makes the car that much more furious and attractive.

After having a small talk with the owner about every detail about the car, it was finally time to see the unforgettable 1970 Plymouth Superbird in action. Yes, the very same car that once roamed the racing tracks in the US could have finally been seen on a public road yet once again.

Jay Leno loved each and every second spent inside the car, which is absolutely true. The 1970 Plymouth Superbird is extremely powerful and fast and even the slightest touch of the gas pedal will cause the car to simply launch itself on the road.

The car is just as good as it can get!