5 Gallons Of Liquid Nitrogen On A Car 1

Conducting a test of any sort is something that people do fairly common these days, no matter how pointless or stupid it might sound. However, it is exactly these various tests which offer us a nice source of fun and they are something that can never get boring. More specifically, the tests that involve cars are even more intriguing for us. Hereby, if you have ever wondered what might happen if you pour a large amount of liquid nitrogen on a car from a tall building, we have the perfect answer for you.

5 Gallons Of Liquid Nitrogen On A Car 2

Yes, indeed, not only this guy had the same idea, but he went as far as actually putting it to the test. The car “victim” that he is using is a red Daewoo Lanos. He parked the car in front of a building.

Soon after he climbed up to the fifth floor and prepared those 5 gallons of liquid nitrogen. When everything was nice and ready and all of the cameras were focused, he poured all of the nitrogen over the car.

Even though this created a wonderful show and a huge white cloud of smoke emerged, it seemed like nothing had actually happened. Yes, he got down soon after and after inspecting the windshield and the rooftop, there was not even a scratch or a crack, which was definitely not something that he had expected.

Moreover, those 5 gallons of liquid nitrogen were spent for nothing. Well, at least now we know that the liquid nitrogen is a no match for a car!

At last, want to see this nitrogen testing?