Techniques To End Vehicle Pursuits 11

If you were thinking that as modern day cars are getting more and more powerful each year and the police cannot do anything now to stop them, you were most certainly wrong. The police are also one of the areas where many great inventions have taken place and this video shows us just how. Vehicle pursuits occur fairly often and the bad guys are constantly coming with up with various ways to get away from the police. However, the video shows us 8 different ways that the police officers manage to handle and stop dangerous vehicles.

Techniques To End Vehicle Pursuits 2

First of all we see just how the net barriers and cable barriers function. This simple, yet effective, design is able to keep away criminals from unwanted places. The system can automatically open up and deploy for use, thus meaning that it is right there whenever the police needs it.

Further on, another vehicle pursuit stopping design is called the Pit-Bull. It functions somewhat similar to the previous one, however, this will do no harm or damage to the car or the driver and it will enable a nice, slow and safe stop.

There is a web that folds onto the tires, thus preventing them from moving. We also take a look at the Elkosta Wegde. If you want to completely wreck the car that you are after, this is what you have been looking for.

This barrier will prevent any car during various vehicle pursuits to stop in the most furious and dangerous ways!

Finally, read something more about the influence of police actions!