Three Wheel Scooter Powered by Chainsaw Engine 2

When it comes to making something on your own and creating a unique piece of machinery, people have created some amazing machines over the years. However, as time flies by it seems that it is quite the challenge to make something original due to the fact that we have seen just about anything, right? Wrong! This video is going to offer you a new experience hence we are going to take a look at a three wheel scooter made from chainsaw engine.

Three Wheel Scooter Powered by Chainsaw Engine 1

Yes, you heard it right! The experienced hand and the amazing ideas that this guy had were enough to build this amazing piece of ingenuity. It took lots of cutting, welding and putting tiny bits and pieces together to build the amazing three wheel scooter, but we are all happy with the way it turned out. The chainsaw engine was the crucial part of the whole build. Hence there were some parts that were missing and could not have been found, the guy had to make them from scratch.

After hours and hours of hard work and labor, the three wheel scooter was finally done and we even get the chance to see this piece of ingenuity in action. The chainsaw engine works just fine, and even though it is not extremely fast, it is still a nice invention that no one has managed to put together so far.

What do you think, what else can you make entirely out of scratch with just few tools?

Still wondering how does a chainsaw engine work? Here is the explanation.