Hire A Skip Bin Now For All Your Waste Disposal Needs 1

In the western countries like US and Canada the waste disposal bins is popularly known as dumpster or dump truck and in Australia it is known as skip bin which is a huge open container which holds waste disposal of many types and can be hired for any official or personal work. Whether you are renovating your office space and want to get rid of electronic waste safely or building a new warehouse where you need to dispose huge quantity of used construction materials in an easy way then a skip bin hire service is your best bet.

Hire A Skip Bin Now For All Your Waste Disposal Needs 3

It comes in various sizes like as low as 2 cubic metre up to more than 30 cubic metre capacity and more. Let us see what the types of waste disposal that are generally accepted by the skip bin hiring companies to get a better idea. It is a win-win solution for both the parties, for the customer and the skip bin hiring company, if the former knows what types of waste are good to go in the skip bin which saves time and energy.

Types Of Waste Or Garbage Category

Green Waste

  • What is the better way there could possibly be to enhance the community services than hiring a skip bin for all their community clean-up drives by many Non-profit organizations? Skip bin gladly accepts the green waste like leaves, grass, garden wastes, branches and quickly turns them into an excellent compost which is useful for various purposes.
  • Also, it is a better idea to check with the skip bin company like up to what size of tree trunk are accepted by them.

Normal Waste

  • If you are renovating your home or organizing a neighbourhood clean-up drive, then hiring a skip bin is a perfect solution which accepts general household wastes like old appliances like TV, Micro oven, Fridge, old furniture and any other metal, rubber or wood materials .
  • However, it is a better idea to check with the company of all the list of items beforehand that you are going to dispose like some companies will not accept tyres, batteries or clays.

Hire A Skip Bin Now For All Your Waste Disposal Needs 2

Medical Waste

  • When it is coming to the clinical waste, timing is very important as there may be many substances which may be toxic to the environment if it not cleared in a safe and timely manner. Choose a skip bin company who has the facility to collect various types of medical waste like yellow waste bins for human tissue waste and other dental or animal waste in a highly sealed or lockable bin.
  • Also, check if the company has disposable containers, legal approval as per the respective country’s norms and standards. For instance, obtaining Australia’s standards for performing medical waste disposal system in their country.

Heavy waste

  • All types of big industrial wastes come under this category where concrete, tiles, wires, bricks and sometimes contaminated soil which requires a special license called EPA-license is done by the skip bin hiring companies.