Infamous Ice Vehicle 1

There are many great stories that we have heard over this past year and what better ways to start the new one than continue with the same pace. Yes indeed, some of the stories that we looked at were utterly unbelievable, but there is still so much more to see and to discover. The winter has arrived in its pure form and there have recently been some heavy snow storms, thus meaning that driving a car is dangerous. However, you do not have to drive a car in order to get in trouble and this ice vehicle surely proves us how.

Infamous Ice Vehicle 2

Yes, you are going to be amazed at how this ice vehicle looks like and what it actually take to get it free from all the thick and dirty ice. The owner of the car could not have even imagined how his car would look like the next morning.

Namely, he parked it in front of a restaurant and returned the next day. The sight was absolutely shocking to him and due to the fact that he was unable to do anything to free his car, he called for some help.

Soon after a tow truck arrived and used its straps to pull on the thick ice, thus causing one part of it to break. The wind, the sea and the cold weather made this spectacular sight possible and it was something that no one could believe.

Keep in mind, during these heavy snow storms and cold weathers; take good care of your car!

Finally, check out this drifter on live TV snow reportage!