4 Number Plate Rules That Must Be Observed 2

If you’re a driver in the United Kingdom and want to register a new car, it’s important that you stay ahead of the game when it comes to registration. Whether you have a standard front number plate or a custom plate, there are certain protocols that you need to follow. By learning the ins and outs of number plate rules and how to address these issues, follow the tips below. 

4 Number Plate Rules That Must Be Observed 1

1. The Numbers Have to Be Fabricated From Reflective Material

It’s important that you first and foremost understand what sort of material authentic number plates must be fabricated with. 

These tags are crafted with reflective metal that makes the numbers more visible to other vehicles at all times of day and night. This will add to the plate so that all numbers and letters are neat and clear. 

2. The System is Very Specific

You also need to know a bit more about the system for these plates. 

For starters, these plates consist of seven characters. These characters include two letters, two numbers and then three letters. 

Understanding the system will let you learn how to get the plates made in a way that keeps you street legal.  

3. Understand How to Decipher the Code

Knowing the system is one thing, but you also need to understand what each part means. 

The two letters at the beginning of the tag are in place to let people know the location where the vehicle was initially registered. For example, if your vehicle was initially registered in Yorkshire and York, it would have a “YY” code. 

The two numbers that follow this initial code refer to the car registration date. People in the UK have to update these number plates twice per year, in the months of March and September. 

The March tag is always the last two digits of the year it was registered. So if you got that tag in March of 2019, you’ll have a “19” as the two digits. Once you follow up and get your tags updated in September, it’ll have an additional 50. 

So those tags would be the two digits “69”.

Finally, the last three letters on the number plate are generated at random. When you know a little bit about how the code for your plates is generated, you will be better able to learn more about a vehicle.  

4. The Characters Have Specific Fonts and Measurements

To know that you have authentically registered vehicle tags, you should also understand the proper measurements. 

For example, the spacing of each character is precise down to the millimeter, so if each plate will have exact rules for spacing. Be sure that your fonts are identical to other vehicles that you see to make sure that you are following the rules with your number plates. 

Understand These Number Plate Rules

When you understand number plate rules and the way that your tags are created, it’s easier to do what is necessary for your vehicle. 

Staying ahead of the little details will make you a more responsible car owner. Study these tips and be sure to check out the rest of our content!