Blocked Car Bad Parking Solution Lift 2

Bad parking is all around us. Many people tend to be inconsiderate towards their fellow motorists whether it’s changing lanes, running red lights, speeding or parking in bad spots. In this one, we can see one driver who decided to block another driver by parking in front of him. He left the driver in front of him with no spot to get out of his parking place.

Blocked Car Bad Parking Solution Lift 1

Nevertheless, this driver had the perfect solution for this bad parking maneuver done by the other driver who decided to block him in. When the blocked driver arrived at the spot and saw that he was blocked he started thinking on how to get out of that mess. After some thinking he immediately started pushing his car to the left.

After some pushing he managed replace the car a bit and cleared some way. This was enough for him to be able to go reverse and get out of the parking space. However, we are not sure everyone can manage to do this solution.

Even though his car is relatively small, this requires a bit of muscle. The guy is obviously strong so he managed to push the car out of that nasty situation.

We can safely say that the guy who blocked that driver in got it easy. Some other guys could get mad and could decide to bump his car when exiting the parking spot. Or something worse could happen like someone completely destroying the mirrors of his car or giving him flat tires.

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