5 Best Fuel Additives to Improve the Performance of Your Engine 1

The right fuel additives can mean the difference between a functional vehicle and a high-performing one. Here are the very best. Do you drive a car and want to save money? Of course, you do, but how can you do that when gas prices are continually rising? According to a recent study done by Statista, since 2002, the average cost of gas has gone up about $1.35 per gallon.

5 Best Fuel Additives to Improve the Performance of Your Engine 2

With the rising costs of gas and diesel fuel, it makes you wonder how you can even save money during your morning commute.

We’re here to tell you that there is a way!

Fuel additives!

Using fuel additives is a great way to maximize the performance of your engine and improving your fuel economy. Here are the best fuel additives for gas and diesel-powered vehicles that will help you save money on the road.

Octane Booster 

Octane boosters help stabilize fuel octane rating in for standard and high-compression engines. By boosting the octane in your fuel, the result is reducing the presence of engine knock and other abnormalities with engine performance. Octane boosters help the fuel in the cylinder ignites when it needs to and protects against low octane levels. You can buy these separately or you can buy these performance fuel additives by the case for fleets.

Fuel type – Gas

Fuel Injector Cleaners

If you’ve ever been in a situation where your engine is hard to start, accelerating seems sluggish, or your car doesn’t seem to perform well in cold temperatures, this could be a sign of clogged fuel injectors.

Fuel injectors can accumulate small deposits of carbon, which can halt the flow of fuel getting to the combustion chamber. Just be aware that some fuel injectors are meant to prevent fuel injectors from being clogged while others are meant to clean the injectors. 

Make sure you look at the product description so you can choose the right one for your situation.

Fuel type – Gas

Anti-Gel Additives

Diesel fuel tends to turn into a gel-like wax substance during sub-zero temps. When diesel fuel gels, it can get clogged in your fuel filter and will leave you stranded if this happens. 

The best way to combat this from happening is by adding an anti-gel additive to your diesel fuel. The great thing about anti-gel additives is that some help removes moisture, lubricate injectors and include other additives to clean the fuel system.

Fuel type – Diesel

Upper Cylinder Lubricants

This type of additive is suitable for diesel or gas types. Once the liquid reaches the upper cylinder, the additive lubricates and protects from carbon deposits on the fuel injector.

Pollutants around the fuel injector or in the combustion chamber will lower your fuel economy and reduce power output.

Fuel Type – Gas, Diesel

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is an additive used in most diesel-powered vehicles that were manufactured after 2010. These diesel vehicles are equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction. This consumable converts nitrogen dioxide and monoxide into nitrogen and water and help with eco-friendly emissions standards.

Which Fuel Additives Are Best for My Vehicle?

Not only do most of these fuel additives have benefits for your engine like keeping your fuel injectors clean and helping with engine performance, but most are inexpensive. 

You can’t go wrong with spending a few bucks on a fuel additive when you get such a good return in results. If you found this article useful, check back with us here to find the best articles on cars, trucks, and bikes.