Gas Powered RC Grave Digger Truck!

The technology has gone a long way ever since some of its first concepts came out. There have been some amazing inventions and breakthroughs over this past couple of decades and it is something that has been proven over and over again. To furthermore strengthen this acclimation we see the RC Grave Digger in action. This ΒΌ scale model surely does look amazing at first glance, but once you listen to its engine, you are going to feel the real power. Namely, it is gas powered and has a Stinger 609 mini V8 engine.

Gas Powered RC Grave Digger Truck 2

The engine is the only thing that a powerful RC vehicle will ever need and watching this bad boy in action is something that is going to exemplify why. The attention to details is really impressive and the functionality of the RC Grave Digger is the same as you would find in a normal one.

However, if you want to get one for you, it is going to cost a lot. Namely, purchasing this monster will cut your budget by $7,400. Yes, even though you can get a full-size V8 engine for that price, some RC enthusiasts will surely get one RC Grave Digger.

The sound it makes is something really unique and according to some, it even sounds better than a normal V8 engine.

Even though we cannot really say that that is true, we can surely admire and give credit to its owner for showing us this awesome RC car in action in his yard!