Power Wheels Toy Jump Ramp 2

If you are a person that enjoys taking a look at various stunts performed by some of the most legendary stuntmen ever, then you must that doing any kind of stunt is really dangerous. People put their own lives to the line in search for glory and international recognition, but does it always end well? Unfortunately, it does not and there have been many situations in which people had terrible accidents due to that reason. However, this power wheels toy jump just might be the craziest thing that we have ever seen.

Power Wheels Toy Jump Ramp 1

If you love the adrenalin and the crazy things that you can do while you are hyped up, why not sticking around for couple of minutes and going through this amazing jump. Yes, this guy was brave and crazy enough to jump over this huge ramp in front of many people inside a power wheels toy car.

Even though many of us would not think off or come up with such an idea, however, this guy took it to extreme limit. Even though he is a bit afraid of the situation, he gets in the toy car whatsoever and this is where the crowd goes absolutely head over heels.

Couple of seconds later, the brave stuntmen pushed himself, thus causing the power wheels toy car to launch itself on the massive ramp. Even though he fell just as he landed, the stuntman was just fine and the people in the audience could not believe their eyes on what they have just seen!

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