The Amazing Take-off Of The Airbus Beluga 1

Coming across an interesting car video these days is something fairly common and we encounter them on daily basis, however, there is something else to discover, a realm of some of the most amazing planes in the world. Yes, we already know that the auto industry has gone a long way in the past couple of decades, but the plane industry is not far behind either. There have been some amazing breakthroughs and invention there, thus in this video we take a look at how the massive Airbus Beluga takes-off. You will be amazed!

The Amazing Take-off Of The Airbus Beluga 2

Indeed, we have been through many, many weird and odd looking planes over the years, but this one is something way different. However, this is not your ordinary passenger plane, thus meaning that the shape of it is somewhat strange.

The Airbus Beluga, or the A300-600ST as its full name is, is one of the largest such purpose-planes ever made and watching it as it take-offs is an extraordinary and fairly unique experience.

Once this piece of wonder is ready for take-off and the runway is clear, it puts the throttle to the max, thus causing a very loud sound to be created from those massive jet engines. In just matter of seconds the plane gains enough speed to perform a safe and almost perfect take-off.

Only high-experienced pilots can maneuver this massive plane, hence it is very different, shape-wise, than your ordinary ones. What an amazing and utterly special experience this is!