F 35 Joint Fighter Jet 11

If you think that only the car industry is the one where the greatest advancement can be seen, then you are absolutely wrong about it. Namely, the military is the perfect example for it hence some of the most amazing inventions and machines are created for their use. Yes, the F 35 Joint fighter jet is here to prove us why this theory is actually correct. This very same fighter jet is supposed to present the future in the industry. Hereby, in this video we feature five cool and unique facts about the F 35 Joint fighter jet.

F 35 Joint Fighter Jet 2

One thing is for sure, even at first glance, the jet looks absolutely stunning. Some of you are probably not going to believe this, but the F 35 Joint helmets enable the pilot to see through the place. Yes, their futuristic look is such with a reason.

This idea has been around for very long, but no one has actually managed to come up with the perfect solution, until now. Furthermore, another aspect that testifies the true abilities of the plane is the fact that this is the most versatile fighter jet that was ever made.

There are many features and quirks that make this possible. Of course, with this awesome and high quality, the price of it is absolutely massive. Even though there is a difference in the models, an average price for one F 35 Joint is going to be at around $100 million. Yes, how about that!

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