Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Doors Crushing Things 1

What we have here might be even better than the hydraulic press channel. Instead of the mighty hydraulic press we have the revolutionary Tesla Model X Falcon Wing doors. Much of the hype around the Model X has been focused on its pretty unique and innovative vertically-opening Falcon doors. These doors are very exciting and dramatic.
YouTuber Bjørn Nyland together with his two buddies Jørgen and Morgan decided to do a very interesting video for their channel.

Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Doors Crushing Things 2

They decided to conduct a test where various foods get crushed by the mighty Tesla Model X Falcon Wing doors. The foods in question used for this test are a carrot, cucumber, sausage and banana. The Model X Falcon Wing doors feature two hinges.

One of the hinges is placed at the body/door junction while the other farther outboard. There are also two torsion springs that can be found where the doors meet the body. These torsion springs constantly apply force in order to rotate the Falcon door upward or downward.

That said some really nerdy engineering went in this design. Nevertheless, a small amount of over-engineering won’t hurt anyone. Well, except for the foods in this video. However, it’s very cool to see these various foods get crushed by Tesla’s Falcon Doors. We got to say though these doors might raise a safety question.

This type of doors should have some kind of reliable sensors to determine whether or not the door is in a state to possibly hurt someone. That cucumber getting crushed could easily be someone’s finger or hand.

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