Best Tools to Rent for Repairing Your Car 11

To the untrained eye, cars look like these 3000-pound beasts that only the best-prepared experts can tinker with. While, admittedly, some models do require specialized expertise, most car repairs can be easily pulled off successfully from your backyard or apartment parking lot. Whether you are restoring an old car or trying to repair your brand-new Volvo, you can save a lot of money by rolling your sleeves and doing some of the work on your own. With some basic prior knowledge, a few safety precautions and a little guidance, you will slowly become your own best mechanic.

Best Tools to Rent for Repairing Your Car 11

Obviously, most times, you will not be able to repair your car by using a basic toolbox. You will need a few specialized tools which, even though they are expensive, you can easily rent them from dedicated hardware stores. Here are the best tools to rent for repairing your car.

Impact Wrench

A high-quality impact wrench can save you a lot of time and effort because it allows you to quickly and safely remove, and screw lug nuts in a matter of seconds. However, impact wrenches are powerful tools with lots of momentum (so it is no wonder why they are used by NASCAR mechanics) so make sure to get some practice before using them on your car.

Top brand quality impact wrenches are quite expensive to purchase, but like all the tools featured in this article, you can rent them for a fraction of their market value. If you want to find out how to rent impact wrenches at the best possible prices, make sure to check out This specialized website is frequently updated with renting guides and presents the best options renting options on the market.

Dead Blow Mallet

When an impact wrench does not seem capable of handling the job, a dead blow mallet might be just the thing that you need. Dead blow mallets are great of removing stuck bolts – after all, when it comes to how physics work, there is nothing a few well-aimed smacks and a little heat can’t loosen. On top of all that, the majority of blow mallets come with surfaces made out of molded poly, so you do not have to worry about running or marring the metal surfaces inside your car.

Socket Set

If you have ever been to a car service, you have more than likely seen a mechanic using one of these. A proper, high-quality set will include a sturdy, impact-proof case constructed out of high-density polyethylene, as well as drivers and sockets of all possible sizes, like 3/8-inch, 1/4-inch and 1/2 -inch. Moreover, a socket set is also great for handling domestic household tasks – so, if you are about to rent one to repair your car, you can kill two birds with one stone.

Work Light

Sometimes, you will have to do your car work at night or during days with outcast weather. Therefore, in days when you can simply not depend on natural light to help you accomplish your task, a top-quality work light will come very handy. Work lights come in several forms – either handheld or cordless LEDs that can be attached under the hood.

Needle Scaler

If you want to blast off rust or do any maintenance work, a needle scaler is the right tool for this purpose. Like the name suggests, the tool boasts about 20 1/8 inch needles that will eliminate the rust, scale, and dirt at approximately 4,6000 blows per minute. You can also use the needle blaster to remove those old patches of paint that ruins the entire look of your car. However, since this is a very powerful and noisy tool, make sure to wear hearing and eye protection, as well as a pair of leather gloves.


Multimeters are useful instruments that will help you determine if the car has any hot wires, and how much electricity is running through it. This diagnostic tool can be found both in digital and analog formats. Regardless of the format, it will basically do the same job – measuring the DC and AC voltage, current or resistance. If you want to see whether or not your car problems are electrical in nature before rushing to a mechanic, a multimeter will surely help you pinpoint the exact issue.

Floor Jacks and Car Ramps

Car ramps are vital to every DIY home mechanic, for obvious reasons. If you are planning to change the car oil without calling a mechanic, ramps will not only facilitate this process, helping you save a lot of time and effort, but will also ensure the safest working conditions possible. Although floor jacks are more suitable in some situations, car ramps are much easier to use, especially for beginners. On top of all that, unlike jacks, ramps are less likely to damage your garage floor or driveway.


As easy as some car issues are to solve with the proper guidance and know-how, not even the most experienced DIY mechanics will do a proper job without using the right tools. Since most of the tools that you need for this purpose are quite expensive, it is generally a better idea to rent them from dedicated hardware stores that offer this service. Because there are a lot of options out there, hopefully, this article will help you find exactly what you need for your particular issues.