Police Car Hits A Deer At 110 MPH 11

There have been some incredible and heroic stories that we have heard over this past year, and we just cannot wait to hear more and more in the upcoming months. However, there are times when we simply have to face the reality and the consequences that go with it, no matter how sad or heart-breaking the story is. This time we check out something that will break the hearts of every animal lover. Namely, we take a look at what a police car looks immediately after it hit in a deer at a speed of over 110 mph.

Police Car Hits A Deer At 110 MPH 2

Yes, accidents are prior to happening, we are all aware of it, but this sight is something that all of us are going to want to forget. Coming across at an animal on the road during the daytime gives you greater chance of a fast reaction, but if the same thing happens to you at night, the chances of avoiding the accident are down to zero.

This is exactly what this police car experienced when it came across a deer on the road during the nighttime at a massive speed of 110 mph.

The police officer had not chance to avoid hitting the unfortunate deer and as it can be seen, the car is absolutely shattered in pieces, which was caused by the accident.

Fortunately enough, the police officer inside the car was just fine and other than watching such terrible thing to happen, he is going to be alright!