16 Cylinder Stirling Engine runs gas 2

What you are about to see in the video below is one awesome Hot Air 16 cylinder Stirling engine model that runs on gas. It’s made out of stainless steel and wood. For those of you who are not familiar with the Stirling engine it’s actually a heat engine. It works by expansion of gas or air and cyclic compression at various temperature levels delivering net conversion of heated energy and mechanical work.

16 Cylinder Stirling Engine runs gas 1

In fact, this 16 cylinder Stirling engine works just like a steam motor. All of the motor’s heat flows inside and outside through the motor wall. This particular Stirling engine is actually an external combustion motor where the gas is burned constantly.

The piston on the other hand is moved when the air expanses as a medium. Therefore, the expansion fuel is cooled nicely in a cold chamber. This cycle is repeated. With the use of only a little alcohol lap, you’ll make its rotation faster and you’ll also get stronger power.

The structure of this 16 cylinder Stirling engine is very good for areas in high altitudes. It also produces a low noise, low operating costs and low pollution. In its features, you can also find a floating bead that links 8 cylinders with its piston in order to run based on the engine power that comes from hot air. It’s very hard to believe that this neat little thing is actually just an engine model. It is super cool having 8 fire-outlet sparks. Watch the video below and enjoy.

Wondering how does the stirling engine work? Here is one nice explanation.