Insane Engine Swaps Compilation mechanics lose mind 1

The practice of swapping engines is nothing new. This practice also dates back when materials such as canvas and rich mahogany were standard in the automotive design’s arsenal. Why do many people want to do insane engine swaps? Well, fitting larger, more powerful and monstrous engines into a lot smaller, lighter chassis is a very effective way of generating tons of power-to-weight ratio. This is something that a factory car can’t provide.

Insane Engine Swaps Compilation mechanics lose mind 2

The variations and number of engine swap combinations are seemingly limitless. Because of this, the gearhead world has evolved so far in this practice that more often than not we get to see some pretty insane engine swaps. In this video, we get to see exactly that, the ultimate insane engine swaps that are bound to blow you away. It will also make you wonder how big the creativity of some mechanics can go. These mechanics that performed these engine swaps literally went mad and created something extraordinary and out of this world.

Some of the ludicrous engine swaps you are about to see in this video is a Lexus GS300 swapped with a Mazda 26B 4 rotor turbo engine. You can see this car now drifting on a racetrack like a boss. Up next, you’ll see an abomination of sorts. It’s a 1968 Ford Mustang swapped with a Twin 11-inch electric motors.

Besides cars, you’ll also see a Lazareth LM847 motorcycle fitted with a Masarati 4.7L V8! Speaking of power-to-weight ratio, you’ll also see one very small Reliant Robin fitted with a Honda CBR 1000RR!

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