Wheel Lock Removal Without Key Tool 1

If you bought a vehicle that for some reason doesn’t have a wheel lock tool, here’s a nice tutorial that’ll help you do a wheel lock removal without a key tool. This way, you’ll be able to remove the wheels without any problem whatsoever. Great thing about this tutorial is that it works on all types of wheel locks. For this procedure to work, you’ll need a 12 point socket of good quality.

Wheel Lock Removal Without Key Tool 2

The socket needs to be a tiny bit smaller than your wheel locks. This tutorial is done by the You Tube channel – Auto Repair Guys. Now, this channel didn’t do this to promote stealing other people’s tires, so please don’t use this trick to commit crimes.

Besides the 12-point socket, you’ll also need a breaker bar, torque wrench, new lug nut and a hammer. The time required to do this is probably around 3 to 5 minutes per wheel. This is about one can of beer for the entire car.

You should try a couple of socket sizes on the nut until finding the one that looks appropriate. Then ram that socket with a hammer. Up next, you need to apply leverage. This can be done with the fascinating breaker bar. It’s a cheap tool because it’s just a metal rod.

If you haven’t use the breaker bar yet, you are in for quite a treat. Up next, just revel in the success. Yeah folks, it’s that easy, but you need to be careful not to do any damage while doing this wheel lock removal technique.

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