Land Rover Power Conquering Holes Torture test potholes 1

In this video, you’ll witness true Land Rover power. You’ll also see real off-roading. We mean real off-roading, not the typical one which is parking your Evoque on grass before a Sting concert. You’ll see the Land Rover here conquering huge holes in a very stylish way. After watching this video you’ll ask yourselves, is there a place where this 4×4 Land Rover won’t survive?

Land Rover Power Conquering Holes Torture test potholes 2

We are praising this Land Rover due to its technology and various off-roading features. However, we got to give credit where credit is due, and that’s the driver as well. The driver of this Land Rover deserves every credit. You can’t get this Land Rover power without a capable driver with tons of experience.

However, we would like to see this Land Rover going through real natural trails and not manmade pot holes. Nevertheless, even though these pot holes are manmade they are pretty deep. It’s definitely no joke conquering them in such a way.

We wonder though, what’s the state of the suspension after this stunt? We suppose it’s in a good shape considering. Fixing suspensions can cost you a fortune, so we are pretty sure this dude knows the capabilities of his 4×4. In a word, this 4×4 Land Rover is fascinating.

No, maybe fascinating is not the right word – sublime, exceptional, stupendous. Whatever of these words you’d like to use. In other words: this Land Rover is a brilliant, highly capable off-road car with lots of fascinating components. Enjoy!

At last, here are several tips before driving off-road.