The Best Way To Flush A Heater Core & Unclog It 2

If you are an enthusiastic car owner, then you must be familiar with the awesome felling you get when you fix something on your own. There are many, many tutorials online that you can find to help you in doing so. They give all the necessary information and details, as well as the steps that you need to follow. In just matter of minutes your problem is going to be fixed and you are going to spend some extra cash. This is why we take a look at the detailed tutorial on how to properly flush a heater core.

The Best Way To Flush A Heater Core & Unclog It 1

The tutorial is made by our favorite YouTube guy, Chris, who showed and explained all of the parts that you are going to need. It is really simple and this is the best way to fully and thoroughly clean your heater core. All that you are going to need is a garden hose.

Yes, it is that simple to clean it, purely by using pressurized water from your garden hose. If you notice that your heater is not working so well and is making a strange noise, then you know that it is time to clean it.

Nonetheless, even if you do not have this problem, it is always cool and amazing to learn something new, something that you might need in the near future. The steps are clearly explained and are easy to follow.

Make sure to go through the whole video and in no time you are going to learn something new about cars!