How to fix a leaking windshield 3

A car is not a submarine, and as such, has leaked. Water will enter the cabin from any number of sources, and wherever there is carpeting, water will fester. Damp carpeting leads to mold, mildew and smells and apart from being unhealthy degrades causing rust and damage to metallic parts that are connected to the cloth. One of the areas that water can leak through is the windshield, and just to make sure you know that there is a leak, automakers have been installing under padding between the windshield and the body that acts as an early warning system.

How to fix a leaking windshield 2

This under padding generates an odor that when noticed is a sign of a leak. Among the many reasons for a windshield leak are pinholes in the seam, this is usually found under the molding, and these small holes are a big danger.

Other issues include the modern car makers use urethane to seal the windshield in place, however, in all production lines, including fully automated ones, there can be micro skips or bubbles in the urethane that can go unnoticed.

It happens, rarely, but happens. Leaks can also be caused by an amateur windshield replacement process too, according to

Summing up the Common windshield leak problems

  • Pinholes in the seams and seals
  • Incomplete urethane factory seal
  • Poor quality windshield replacement

Locating the Source

The biggest issue with leaks, especially windshield ones, is locating the source of the leak. In most cases, the leak is not so obvious, and water seeps in little trickles away from the source in inner body channels. Therefore, if you suspect a leak, you will need to find some exceptional investigational skills and search for the source.

Here are some home options to choose from:

The shower process

On a dry day, give your car a shower. Take a garden hose and create your own personal rain storm. Set the water pressure to low, fast water pressure bounces off the car, so don’t think that by speeding up the process you are helping, the exact opposite.

Watch where the water collects and try to locate the source from the immediate vicinity.

How to fix a leaking windshield 1

The soap process

Another great way to check for escaping pressure which is a sign of a possible leak source is to turn your car into a big balloon. You do this by lathering up all the suspected areas of leakage, around the windshield seams to be exact.

Then you close the doors and windows and crank the car environmental controls unit all the way up to defrost high. Now step outside and watch for areas where the soap blows bubbles.

Setting the Fix

Once you have located the source of your leak, it’s time to fix the problem. There are a number of remedies, and all are proven methods. The best and cheapest method is to use silicone sealant, while the most expensive method is to replace the seals and windshield.

Replacing the seals or a windshield is a professional job, and not one left even for DIY hands, as such, for a full replacement goes to a car glazier.

For the silicon treatment, all you need to do is buy a tube of silicone sealant and an application gun. Cut the funnel application top of the sealant tube to around 2-3mm but no more.

Apply the sealant in an even manner, and when finished, if you want, using either your finger or a spoon, gently smear the sealant into the area with one fine continuous smear. Now let the sealant dry for at least 4 hours before performing another shower or soap test.