Premium Gas 1

The massive advancement in the world of cars and technology has led to certain cars becoming all that a driver has always wanted to. Fuel economy is probably one of the aspects that every common person is most curious about when purchasing a car. Hereby, for some of the latest cars, the premium gas is recommended to be used. But, is it really so? Does the premium gas really offer us a better performance and much, much better fuel economy? Well, if you want to know the answers, make sure to check out this awesome video.

Premium Gas 2

Yet again we take a look at a video from one of our favorite YouTube car channels, Engineering Explained, where the host takes us through every detail that we need to know it. Once you put all things, numbers and facts together, it turns out that powering up your car on premium gas might not be worth it after all.

Namely, in the study that we are about to see in the video 6 different car that are recommended to have premium gas have been tested for a certain period of time.

Some of the results and numbers are in fact really surprising and if you want to know answer whether you should you premium gas if your car recommends you to do so or you can use something else, make sure to check ot the full video and find out all the answers 13 minutes long video!

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