Russian Truck Ever MAZ-537 1

Coming across a robust machine is not something uncommon these days and people share these types of videos fairly often on the social media. Indeed some of the trucks that we have previously seen were absolutely amazing and they looked like they came from the future, however, this Russian truck looks like it can top them all. Even though the MAZ-537 might not be as fast as the ones from Tesla, it can sure prove to be one of the most powerful trucks that we have ever seen. It surely does look so.

Russian Truck Ever MAZ-537 2

Namely, in this short video that lasts for about 30 seconds, there is couple of things that go on. Even though at the start of the video we do not really see the MAZ-537, soon after it is time for the robust Russian truck to reveal itself.

On the massive trailer a big steel tank is being transported, presumably by the MAZ-537, hence it is the only truck that can do so. Just seconds after we see the truck coming out from the back. What is most significant is the massive cloud of smoke it makes from its two exhausts.

Even though the video is indeed fairly short and we do not get the chance to see something more from it, we all witnessed the true power and robust look of the Russian beast. What do you think, how actually powerful the truck really is and how will it prove if we put it head to head against other modern trucks?

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