Slow-Motion 4-Ton Wrecking Ball Destroying Cars 1

We will never get tired of watching people finding creative new means to dispose of old vehicle. This video showcase exactly that – showing a wrecking ball that weighs four-tons destroying cars. The cars that are being destroyed come in every type. It’s all recorded with an insane 1000-fps camera. We are talking about one pretty artsy cinematography. The video was done by the YouTubers, Slow Mo Guys, and their awesome Phantom Flex 4X.

Slow-Motion 4-Ton Wrecking Ball Destroying Cars 2

The video was done in collaboration with Amazon in order to help promote The Grand Tour’s new season. Why did they opt for this? Well, there are only few better sights than witnessing metal deforms and crumple in extreme slow-motion.

The guys gathered up one motley victim assortment – a Honda Element, Buick LeSabre, Ford E-Series RV and BMW E46 convertible. The smashing was done in Texas at an unknown industrial area. Even though you need to wait or maybe skip through the video to get to the slow-mo money shots, it’s worth every second. Even the regular full-speed shots are special and contain their monstrous violence to them.

They are destroying cars in the best way possible. The Honda, the Buick, and eventually the Ford E-Series RV endure complete blows, flipping the taller cars. However, the smaller Buick gets crushed like a can.

Elsewhere, you can see the crew dropping the wrecking ball on the BMW. You can see the first blow smashing the dash and the firewall. Afterwards, they line up the BMW for a blow that crushes the front entirely.

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