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People these days make all sorts of videos and test cars in the most unusual ways. This is why we get the chance to see some hilarious videos almost every day. Some of the tests that we have previously been through are very unusual and wacky, but if you thought that that was it, you were wrong. The inspiration that some people have is simply endless, and this video is going to show you why. This unusual car experiment is absolutely hilarious and will make you laugh over and over again.

unusual car experiment crazy absurd 1

If you have been taking a look at some interesting videos that people publish once in a while, then you must be familiar with the squeaky chicken that the world went crazy for. Well, this guy wanted to put it to the test on his car and make the most hilarious and unusual car experiment that we have seen in a while.

Namely, he took several of those squeaky chicken toys and secured them up on his exhaust tip. Now, every time he pressed his gas pedal, a really loud and crazy sound was created by them. However, he did not stop here.

Namely, he took some more of those toys and taped them in place around his wheel. Whenever he drove his car, the toys made every movement look hilarious and funny. If that was not enough, there are more tests where people use sneakers and rubber bands as substitute for the tires. Make sure to go through every one of them!

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