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Fleet uptime determines the true success of your business. Maintaining a large fleet takes skill, and the ability to stay ahead of potential problems. Before fleet issues escalate to the point of no return, take action by protecting your business. 

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1. Preventive Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid fleet downtime. That is why quality plays a role in the international truck parts business. You don’t want to spend money on parts that will be worse than the ones being replaced. And the last thing a company needs is to doubt their own maintenance protocols. Fleet upkeep is already stressful without adding the uncertainty of unreliable mechanics on top of the pile. Save both time and money by keeping everything up to date instead of waiting until the last minute. If you’re in preventative mode, then your company is already doing better than most of the competitors.

2. What’s the Plan?

Having a large fleet is pretty meaningless without a plan in place. Sometimes commercial fleet uptime has more to do with strategizing than the actual mechanics. If you don’t have enough employees to handle the available vehicles, then it becomes lost money. And if you don’t buy the right type of vehicles for the company’s purpose, then it is a major financial hole from the start. Don’t cut your resources short by not planning out the purpose of a fleet. Many business owners have gone under from this mistake and had to start from scratch years later.

3. Check the Tire Pressure

Tire pressure checking is one of those common-sense tips that still needs to be repeated. Everyone knows it’s important, yet many still overlook a fleet’s tires. It’s a small mistake that will cost you more than a wheel on any given day. With low tire pressure, the fuel economy of the vehicle gets destroyed. On top of the bad mileage, the tires will take on increased wear. On the worst end of it, low tire pressure can cause an accident that will cost the company thousands. Tire issues are always in the top three things that kill total fleet uptime. 

4. Watch the Cost of Ownership

Have you looked at the books recently and noticed your maintenance costs are through the roof? Vehicle age is one reason why cost of ownership becomes a company issue. When you’re constantly repairing an older vehicle, it takes away resources from the rest of the fleet. Instead of propping up a ride on its last wheels, invest in some new ones.

Warranties are another problem that can creep up in your finances in an instant. When you first started out with the fleet, the current warranty may have been a good deal. How does it hold up now? Always revaluate the coverage on your fleet to ensure it provides the best value.

Consistency Is the Winning Formula

If you’re on the same page as the fleet maintenance provider, then good days are guaranteed. Teamwork is one of the keys to success for high fleet uptime. Avoid necessary setbacks, and the fleet will always be ready.