Mercedes Smart vs Mercedes S Class Safety Test 1

When purchasing a new vehicle, a few things come as most important. You would be a total noob if you went straight for the looks and speed. Things such as safety, comfort and price are actually composing the holy trinity when it comes to buying a vehicle. So, never go for speed & power against safety and comfort! In today’s video we have two Mercedes car models, those being the Mercedes Smart and the Mercedes S Class.

Mercedes Smart vs Mercedes S Class Safety Test 2

The guys from Mercedes wanted to show their costumers how important safety is, so they organized this crash test where they used the two abovementioned models. They also tried to show how safe their cars are, so they used these totally different car models.

The next we know – they crash! Now, at first you might thing that the results are obvious? What could possibly happen if an S Class collides with a Mercedes Smart which is so tiny and weak compared to the mighty Mercedes S Class? Well, you might just be surprised after all.

The test took place in the following conditions. Both cars were speeding in the direction of one another at speed of 31 miles per hour! Then, they crashed into one another! Even though you think that the Smart got wrecked (which it did), the tiny vehicle actually passed the safety test!

It was completely destroyed from the outside, but the interior seems to be just fine! Anyway, enough of the chit chat, go below and watch the video!

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