This Guy Fooled The Police With A Fake Snow Car 1

Whenever there is a heavy snowstorm, people seem to be getting the most inspiring of ideas. They spend most of the day out on the streets and create some things that no one has seen so far. This is exactly what this young Canadian, by the name of Simon Laprise, did in front of his flat. He wanted to play a little trick on the police and he surely did manage to do so. The snow removal crew was supposed to work on the street the next day so this 33 years old artist took advantage of the situation and built a fake snow car.

This Guy Fooled The Police With A Fake Snow Car 2

Not only did he manage to make the car extremely realistic and awesome, he even placed a pair of windshield wipers on there. When a police officer arrived at the scene he was really confused by what was going on, which is exactly how this hilarious picture was taken.

Simon did this on a street in Montreal and he got the inspiration for the car from the Delorean DMC-12, a car used in the movie Back To The Future. Even the police officer burst in laugh and he even left a paper on the car in which stated that this fake snow car had just made his day.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and so this awesome car was destroyed the next morning by the snow removal crew.

This just be the perfect way to start your day and have fun in the snow!