Dads Ford Falcon XA Superbird Restored After 20 Years Sitting In A Farm

It is an absolutely heart-warming experience to hear an amazing car story that has a deep history behind its name. Moreover, people often say that every car has some story behind it, but there are some which are absolutely amazing. Hereby, we take a look at this video in which we first take a look at what had happened to this Ford Falcon XA Superbird and then it is time to see this beauty back to life yet once again. There are several pictures from the car before and it is in horrible shape hence it had been involved in an accident.

Dads Ford Falcon XA Superbird Restored After 20 Years Sitting In A Farm 2

It was finally time, 20 years later, for the Ford Falcon XA Superbird to shine once again in its true beauty. Therefore, the owner’s son back in 2013 began working on the car and was sending some pictures from the progress to his family. Then, a year before the car was finally finished, he stopped keeping them up with any further information about the car.

Even though their son first said that the car was about to be finished somewhere in 2018, little did they know that the car was already done. It was a very emotional situation for both of them, his mom and especially his dad. They finally got the chance to see the car that they once used each and every day in its true and deserved shape.

What do you think, is this one of the most heart-warming stories that we have heard so far?