1000HP R34 GTR Roll Race A 1994 Formula 1 Car 1

StreetFX managed to create a real monster of a racing car that goes by the name of WTF86. This beasty racing car is an 1100HP R35 GTR that features a 4.1L twin-turbocharged V6 engine. The WTF86 was supposed to go against a 1994 Footwork Arrows F1 car. Unfortunately, the car’s left-hand drive-shaft broke. A 1000HP R34 GTR replaced the WTF86 because the team didn’t have enough time to do the necessary repairs before the scheduled duel.

1000HP R34 GTR Roll Race A 1994 Formula 1 Car 2

Now, let us give you a bit of history of the Nissan R34 GTR’s competition. This Arrows F1 car went by the name of FA15 and competed in the ‘94 F1 championship. It’s powered by a 3.5L Ford Cosworth V8 engine that delivers 620HP at a monstrous 10,000 RPM. It weighs 1135 pounds where the R34 weighs 2866 lbs. As you can presume, power versus weight plays a massive factor in this race. However, even though the F1 car is half the weight, the 1000HP R34 GTR fills a void in its billet block RB26 stroked to 2.8L. This is what allows the R34 to produce staggering 1000HP.

We guess we should mention that Mark Trueno who is a part of the StreetFX team stated that the diff gave out.

However, it was later determined that the real problem was the driveshaft. Nevertheless, during the video and after the race, you can see some trash talking that comes from the Australians to be more specific from the F1 car’s racer Josh Kean. He stated that he went for third gear but decided to grab neutral in order to make a show.

Now, we don’t want to spoil the results for you so check out the video below!

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