Guy Found His Moms Stolen Truck 11

Tanner Braungardt is a famous YouTuber with 3.6M subscribers. On his YouTube channel, he demonstrates his various talents as a trampolinist and free running. However, in this video he has different content not featuring the aforementioned. This video is about his Mom’s stolen truck. 2 days after it was stolen, they managed to recover it.
However, the interesting thing about this video is all the things the thieves left behind. It looks like after stealing the truck, the thieves bought a bag of chips and left it behind. They also left some water bottles.

Guy Found His Moms Stolen Truck 2

However, they also did some damage to the truck, one of that damage is a dented door. However, what’s very unusual is that the thieves left tons of fireworks back in the trunk. They stole all the tools that were placed there and left a lot of firework. They also left a charger and a dollar bill.
It looks like these thieves who stole the truck literally just moved in and made their truck their own for a while. Even though the thieves left some weird things behind, they didn’t forget to steal all the good cards and all the cash that was in the truck. Fortunately, his mom’s stolen truck is insured, so they will fix the dent door.

However, she will have to argue with the insurance company on diminished value claim. At the end of the video, you can see Tanner Braungardt using all of the fireworks the thieves left behind and delivering one spectacular firework show.

Finally, this Mustang was returned to its owner after 30 years! Find out more!