Essential Items to Have in your Jeep for an off-road adventure 4

Thinking about an off-road adventure? Jumping in your Jeep and heading to your destination of choice isn’t everything you have to cover as you have to properly prepare to make sure your little escapade won’t take a wrong turn. When we refer to preparation, we mean that you must make sure you have all the essential items for safety, survival, vehicle recovery, and tools, amongst others.

Essential Items to Have in your Jeep for an off-road adventure 5

Vehicle recovery

  • You are likely to get stuck in mud and need to be pulled out as the terrain is tricky in the off-road settings. As you are basically in the middle of nowhere, you cannot rely on the fact that another vehicle will pass by and help you out, so you are going to need a hauling device to perform self-recovery successfully.
  • A high lift jack should always be present in your car as it helps lift the Jeep so that its tires won’t touch the ground anymore, thus allowing you to change tires when needed and perform checkups underneath the car if the situation asks for it.
  • Even though it might sound like a bit too much, you should carry a chainsaw in the trunk for emergency situations as well, this item coming in handy for other purposes like clearing wooded trails, for example.

Essential Items to Have in your Jeep for an off-road adventure 2

Personal essentials

  • Water – There should be at least one gallon per person assured per day, water being essential to stock up on as you might not reach a river or another source to obtain it as soon as you thought, and the risks involved with not having it when you feel thirsty being dire as dehydration can kick in.
  • Food – Take with you more food than you calculated you need for the duration of the trip as you never know what can happen and your arrival back home could be delayed by a few days, packing more food proving to be a life-saver as you will be covered no matter how much your stay is prolonged.
  • Extra clothes – Always pack more clothes than you think you need for the duration of your stay, and even if the weather forecast looks perfect, pack for bad weather and take rainproof clothing items with you to be safe in case the weather suddenly and unexpectedly turns bad.
  • Other personal essentials – Sunscreen to put on if it is sunny, toilet paper, trash bags to keeps your trails clean, power inverter, water purification tablets, a compass or a GPS that will help you get out of trouble in case you get lost in the woods, and a map with information about the area you are exploring.

Essential Items to Have in your Jeep for an off-road adventure 3

Essential tools

  • A survival knife is bound to come in handy as you might need to cut through rope, small branches, even hunt food, who knows. What’s important is to take one with you when you go into the wilderness as it comes in handy in different types of survival situations, hence the name.
  • A wrench set is another must-have as you might need to do some unscrewing, fixing, or other activities that require the use of this tool.
  • Even though it might not be one of your first thoughts to pack one, you should keep a portable air compressor in your trunk. This way, in case a tire goes flat, you won’t have to replace it or drag the car to the nearest gas station that could be hundreds of miles away, but rather fix the situation right then and there by pumping air inside the deflating tire with it.
  • Other must-have tools – jumper cables, duct tape, bailing wire, epoxy, pliers, large hammer, magnet, and screwdrivers.

Essential Items to Have in your Jeep for an off-road adventure 1

Safety and survival

No matter if you buy it or make it yourself, what you must carry with you is a first aid kit as it can get you out of trouble in case you are feeling bad or got injured, even saving your life in case of an accident as you are provided first aid until the paramedics arrive to the secluded area where you are at. In order to be complete, the kit should contain the following:

  • antiseptic ointment;
  • disposable gloves;
  • a hand cleaner;
  • a snake bite kit;
  • cold and hot packs;
  • bandages;
  • anti-diarrhea pills;
  • pills for allergic reactions;
  • ipecac syrup;
  • alcohol swabs;
  • fever reducing medications;

A must-have is a fire extinguisher as, in case a fire breaks out, you can put it out fast before the flames extend and the situation worsens. We recommend you keep a fire extinguisher in the trunk of your Jeep at all times as it can be a real life-saver.

Other essential safety and survival items:

Other essential items to have on off-road trips

As you are most likely going to be a few days on the road, you need to be prepared for sleeping overnight outdoors. Basically, you should take basic camping gear with you to create proper conditions for the nocturnal slumber, gear that includes a tent and a sleeping bag. If you want to make your conditions and stay more pleasurable, pack a cooler to keep your drinks cold and a stove to prepare some hot meals as well.


So, you are ready to go on the road, seeking a new adventure in your trusty Jeep that you love to drive. For a safe and pleasant journey, you have to be prepared for any type of emergency situation, and in this article we will cover the essential items you must have in your car when you go on an off-road adventure to stay safe.