Driver Ticketed For Broken Windshield 11

We are completely stunned by this story. Perhaps we need to research more regarding this story to see whether this issue was resolved or not. Nevertheless, for the time being we are going to explain what happened. We have absolutely no problems with police officers issuing tickets for broken lenses, burned out lights or broken windshield. These things are against the law and should be properly sanctioned.

Driver Ticketed For Broken Windshield 2

However, more often than not, police officers issue a warning to make the necessary repairs instead of issuing a ticket. This officer on the other hand decided that issuing a warning was not enough and decided to give this driver a ticket for a broken windshield on his Subaru.

Nothing wrong so far as the police officer has every right to give a ticket for something like this. However, it’s very unusual that he decided to issue the ticket for a shattered windshield while the motorist is stopped in a parking lot in front of a windshield repair shop.

Nick Berlin had an appointment at a repair shop in order to fix his shattered windshield. However, one police officer stopped him as he was driving into the shop in order to replace his shattered front glass and issued a ticket for a broken front glass. We think this was very unfair of the police officer.

So far, there is no statement from the department which refused to comment on the matter. However, it’s not for us to decide. We hope justice there will be proper justice at the end.

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