V8 Powered Chainsaw 253 CI Holden Hardwood 4

The more, the merrier! The bigger, the better! And yes, the device you are about to see in action perfectly matches these two sayings! Although some might argue its scope of use, which might be a bit limited, still this machine can finish a LOT of work in NO time. How come? Well, taking into consideration that the star in this video is a V8 powered chainsaw, there isn’t much room for discussion whether it can or cannot finish a lot of work in no time. In fact, if you are suspicious, be our guest and press that play button below.

Now, some technicalities. We know you find them useful. The monster powering the chainsaw is the mighty 253 CI, V8 Holden engine! As far as we know it hasn’t hit the dyno so we are unable to tell the number of horses nor amount of torque. Anyhow, you are about to witness the mightiness of this V8 powered chainsaw as it slices through 550mm of peppermint gum hardwood! It’s like watching a hot know cutting through butter! Oddly satisfying! And the best part is that his monster cuts through 55cm tree trunk in just 2.4 seconds! Aussies have done it again!

At last, here is one interesting tutorial on how to build a hot saw chainsaw by yourself!