Steam Powered Land Rover 1

The reason behind why we love vehicles so much is pretty simple. Certain people are so creative and have the right inspiration to make some of the most ingenious of ideas, ideas that later on manage to grow onto our hearts. It is that simple. This is exactly why you would have the urge to take a look at this steam powered Land Rover that was fully designed and manufactured by Frank Rothwell, an UK pensioner. This perfectly shows just how a proper inspiration can get you very, very far.

Steam Powered Land Rover 2

It took more than 400 hours of hard work, and nearly half of those hours devoted purely to the engine, to fully develop and complete this rare build. Even though you might not expect from a retired businessman and an engineer to make something so cool, it surely did happen now.

The steam powered Land Rover might not be the fastest way of transport among the many supercars of today, it is certainly one of the most original ones. Frank takes us through some of the cool features about it, as well as all the necessary steps that you need to do in order to drive it.

The steam pressure is slowly building up from the immense heat, which is the basic principle behind a steam engine. He managed to manufacture all of the parts he needed on his own, thus fully constructing the whole vehicle.

As Frank says, everyone needs a certain hobby in their life, which is something that will make them happy!

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