Luckiest Truck Driver Ever

If there ever was a driver who was been lucky whilst having a road traffic accident, than this guy’s picture should be right next to the definition of it! What you are about to see in the video bellow is an incredible case of a truck driver who founds him self in an extreme (and almost Impossible) situation where fortunately for him, he suffers only minor injuries.

A truck driver is driving fully loaded truck with some kind of a huge metal pipes when suddenly his cargo starts rumbling down the road and next to the other participants in traffic, so he decides (or reacts instinctively) to suddenly stop the big truck, which causes the metal pipes to penetrate the cabin.

As you will see it for yourselves, the whole thing looks terrifying and horrible, but after a few moments, after things settles down a bit, driver manages to get out of the cabin only with a limb. As incredible is it may seem, the whole things is completely surreal because every law of physics and reality says otherwise.