This Cigar Chest With High Tech Mechanics Is Worth 1 Million 1

When it comes to luxury, we are usually used to taking a look at luxurious houses, yachts or cars. The last thing that will probably come to your mind is a cigar chest. Yes, we have previously seen some of the most expensive properties and vehicles in the world but this time we steer to something different. This cigar chest is worth $1 million. Yes, this awesome design and premium look was made by Imperiali Geneve. It is called the Emperador and it is way more than just a normal cigar chest.

This Cigar Chest With High Tech Mechanics Is Worth 1 Million 2

With just a simple press of a button that is located on the top of the chest, the mechanism begins to operate and couple of seconds later, it opens up. There is a gauge that measures how many cigars are on the inside once you open it. There is couple of more features at the top but then we see what is under it.

Namely, with a simple push, the luxurious wood cigar chest opens up and reveals its inside. There is a pristine cigar cutter and a lighter, which means that this really expensive set is all that you are going to ever need if you enjoy smoking.

It was presented at Basel World 2017 and many people were impressed by it. Inside the Emperador you can also find an ash tray that was made from the same material as the chest itself.

This really is a cigar chest that not everyone is able to afford it!