These Are The Highest Speeding Tickets Of 2017 1

There are many things that have happened in this year and before we put an end to it, it is finally time to take a look at the list that we have all been waiting for. Certain cars were built for speed, however, you should not test it on a public road, hence you might endanger your own life, as well as the lives of the other drivers. Hereby, the list you see here tells us which are the highest speeding tickets that police officers wrote this year in Texas, as well as where they were fined. You will be surprised at how fast people drove!

These Are The Highest Speeding Tickets Of 2017 11

For an instance, a driver drove his car on Custer Road at a speed of 140mp/h. The police in Collin County eventually caught the driver and gave him a speeding ticket. Moreover, the driver in a Nissan GTR was pulled over on SH-67 and was given a ticket.

As bonus footage, we get the chance to take a look at how the whole situation looked like and the real story behind it. Even though there was another driver who was driving faster than the Nissan, the fastest driver that got a ticket is shocking to all.

Namely, he drove his car at a speed of 181mp/h on US-90 in Coryell County. Yes, the cops did not let him get away with it and they eventually gave him a ticket, immediately after he was pulled over.

Make sure to driver safer in the upcoming year!