New Futuristic Public Transport Firefighting Drone Concept 1

First it was the wheel, then trains, then it was automobiles, then aircrafts. All seemed to be crazy ideas at the time but turned out to be amazing concepts and revolutionary ideas. Now, we have these new firefighting drone concepts. Now, many might wonder what the heck is that? Are firetrucks going to fly like in the movies and shoot water through jets in order to prevent a disaster! Well, not quite.

36 Fire Rescue New Futuristic Firefighting Drone Concept 2

Just take a moment and imagine yourself stuck in traffic while rushing to reach a certain place. Work or your local school to pick up your kids… you name it. If you live in a big and crowded city you definitely feel this.

Now, we have all had that moment when an ambulance or a firetruck would turn on their sirens to pass, but it was worthless since you had nowhere to go! Car to the left, car to the right… a car in front and behind you! Not quite the thing a fireman would want right.

Actually, not a single decent human being would be okay with that since we know that somewhere someone got a heart attack or a building is on fire and lives are being lost every second while that firetruck is behind you as the firemen are losing their patience! Well, that’s where these firefighting drone concepts come in!

They are designed in a way that the truck has two moving pillars that are able to rise above the cars and sweep through traffic! Then, the roof opens as a plethora of drones rises the water jets to which ever floor needed to extinguish fire! Anyway, take a look at this video and everything will be clear!

Finally, this might be the best firefighting equipment!