Oregon Citizens Have To Pump Gas On Their Own They Are Outraged 2

There have been many great and awesome things that have been going on in 2017 and many laws have been changed to make the lives of the citizens much better. However, the year of some Oregon counties did not begin so well as some others. Namely, a brand new law was just introduced on January 1, 2018, which stated that certain Oregon counties have to finally start pumping gas on their own. To most of you this might not come as a great shock, but this is something that unpleasantly surprised the people there.

Oregon Citizens Have To Pump Gas On Their Own They Are Outraged 1

In most counties throughout the US it is very common for every citizen to pump gas in his car on his own, thus this law does not cause many problems to them. However, many Oregonians were of major disapproval to this law and they saw it is a huge change in their lives.

The internet went absolutely crazy and there were many, many comments posted on Facebook by Oregonians who showed their disapproval. One man said that he was 62 years old and he still does not know how to pump gas on his own.

Moreover, he even said that he does not want to smell like gasoline hence he thought that doing that on your own can be extremely messy, especially if you are not used to it.

Many said that this was something that was not so necessary and many people need assistance while pumping gasoline in your car. Certain Oregon counties are simply going to have to get used to it!