Camaro Fails Within 10 Minutes Of New Owner Driving It 1

Buying a used car always comes with a certain amount of risk. This is especially true about the modified performance vehicle market. This is so because you never really know what the previous owner has done to the car and how that is affecting the way the car performs and drives. A true example of this comes in the video below where one used Camaro fails within 10 minutes of new owner driving it.

Camaro Fails Within 10 Minutes 2

Now, we are not saying you should be terrified of the secondhand modified performance vehicle market. However, we are saying that you should be more careful and maybe be ready to spend more money fixing things on a used car that has aftermarket modifications done to it.

As you can see for yourselves, the fresh owner of this Chevy Camaro runs into exactly the same situation. He found the vehicle’s weak spots just minutes into buying the car. Because of the car’s insurance.

He wasn’t able to go pedal to the metal while test driving it. This is completely understandable but very unfortunate for the driver who would definitely like to test the car under full throttle. After he bought the car and decided to go full throttle, things went south very quickly as this Camaro fails within 10 minutes of driving.

In this video, you will learn about the tribulations and trials you might go through if buying such a vehicle with aftermarket modifications. We guess this owner went through a lot but we also guess it could’ve been worse considering the situation.

Finally, what about the vinyl roof on the 5th generation Camaro?