8 Tips To Consider When Hiring A Forklift For An Event Setup 1

1.    The Maximum Weight You’ll Be Lifting

Before renting a forklift, you need to decide the weight you’ll need to be lifting. You don’t want to make an incorrect selection and then realize the forklift you’ve rented is not capable of lifting the cargo.

2.    Maximum Height You’ll Need To Lift To

To determine what the maximum height requirement will be for lifting the equipment, measure the height of your tallest item. Also, remember to add 150mm to make provision for the pallet.

8 Tips To Consider When Hiring A Forklift For An Event Setup 2

3.    The Maximum Height You’ll Require To Lift The Maximum Weight To

Although a forklift may have a capacity of 2.5 tons and a lifting weight of 5m, you may not be capable of lifting equipment with 2.5 tons to a height of 5m. De-ration is a term used for describing the decrease in the nominal capacity of a forklift. The forklift’s lifting capacity is influenced by the lifting height, meaning the dimension of your load (with the load length being most crucial) and the use of attachments.

4.    The Environment Where The Forklift Will Be Utilized

Before considering the hiring of fork lift trucks in Winston-Salem, you need to think about the environment where you’ll be operating the forklift. For instance, a Diesel forklift isn’t suitable for use in an indoor environment, mainly where food is present due to the emitted fumes.

You Need To Consider:

  • Will you be operating the forklift indoors, outside or both?
  • The type of surface the forklift will be operated on.
  • The minimum aisle width the forklift needs to maneuver in.
  • Height constrictions at the entrance or exit of the facility.

5.    The Type Of Cargo That Needs Lifting

You must consider how the cargo is packaged, whether it is paletted or is it wrapped or inimitably shaped? This will give you an understanding of whether you’ll be requiring special attachments or the length of forks you’ll be requiring.

6.    For How Long And When You Will Be Needing To Rent The Forklift

Make sure you’ve determined the preferred date and for how long you’ll need to be hiring the forklift. For you to maximize your rental value and reduce the monthly rental cost, it’s more cost-effective to rent it for longer periods.

7.    Understanding The Fine Print

Always ensure that you understand the rental contract. Make sure you are knowledgeable about who is liable for the insurance and transportation of the forklift to site. Is there a maintenance plan comprised of the deal and what are the exclusions?

8.    Be Knowledgeable About The Company You’ve Decided To Rent Your Forklift From

Always ensure that you are renting a forklift from a reputable company with superior service and excellent customer testimonials. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and compare different service providers before making your decision.


Renting a forklift can have many advantages over purchasing one. By following these tips, you can determine which forklift is best for your requirements especially for rough terrain forklift. Make sure you are comparing quotes to hire reliable forklift for your operation at the best possible price and choose a company that is dependable and reputable.