AfterMarket Parts Everything to Know for Your Health Safety and Budget 2

Each year, the automotive aftermarket parts industry comes together in Vegas for the SEMA show. Thousands of companies introduce several thousand new products in hopes of theirs becoming the hottest new mod.  Aftermarket parts in the auto industry tend to lack standardization. This leads to car owners having a wide variation in experiences. Unfortunately, it can lead to aftermarket parts getting a bad reputation when it comes to quality and performance.

AfterMarket Parts Everything to Know for Your Health Safety and Budget 1

We’re going to show you why you should consider the right aftermarket parts for upgrading your ride. 

What Are Aftermarket Parts?

Any part that is sold as in the automotive market that isn’t an OEM part is considered aftermarket. This can get slightly tricky, as not all OEM parts are directly from the manufacturer.

Some companies make OEM parts for the auto manufacturer. As a part of this contract, the part manufacturer can sell the part directly to consumers as an OEM part. 

Other companies, such as ENRFORCE, produce auto-related or auto-themed items to enhance your car enthusiast lifestyle. 

Quality Concerns 

Many car owners assume that because it isn’t from the vehicle manufacturer, it isn’t as good of quality. This isn’t necessarily true. Car manufacturers have an overall vehicle cost to keep in mind when building a car. Because of this, some parts aren’t top of the line. 

A common example is the speakers used. You can replace your OEM speakers with aftermarket ones that will be far better quality than the stock option. 

Performance Concerns 

Other car owners worry that an aftermarket part won’t perform as well as the OEM version. This isn’t always true either. If you plan to drive your car in a certain way, then an aftermarket part may be the answer to your desired performance. 

A good example would be aftermarket suspensions. If you plan to drive more aggressively, like on a track, then an aftermarket suspension is the way to go. 


Availability isn’t as much of a concern with newer vehicles. But it can be near impossible to find new OEM parts for older or discontinued vehicles. As time goes on, car manufacturers cease to make OEM parts for vehicles they no longer produce. 

When this happens, your only option is to either buy a used OEM part or a new aftermarket part. You can find aftermarket parts that are almost identical to the OEM version 


If you drive a newer vehicle, you may want to hesitate when installing aftermarket parts. Depending on the part, it can void your manufacturer’s warranty. This can make the aftermarket part not worth it. 

Keep in mind that many quality aftermarket parts come with their own warranty. These are often much more comprehensive and for longer than the manufacturer’s. 

Buy Aftermarket Parts for Your Vehicle 

Depending on the aftermarket parts you buy, they can be of better quality and outperform your OEM part. The key is to only buy your parts from reputable dealers who have a history of quality. 

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