Choosing The Right Auto Windshield Replacement Company 1

Do you know how important your car windshield like Air Bags is? Not only does it protect a car’s occupants from harsh weather, but it also keeps straying projectiles at bay and perhaps most importantly keeps you safe during the unfortunate event of an accident. However, a bad windshield can quickly turn things around in a bad way. A significant amount of deaths during accidents have been attributed to damaged or wrongly installed windshields. While a cracked windshield may negatively affect your angle of view, wrongly installed ones can easily pop out during accidents causing serious problems for the occupants of the car. As unfortunate as it seems, your safety during an accident may entirely be decided by the condition of your windshield.

Choosing The Right Auto Windshield Replacement Company 2

While it’s not entirely out of place to accidentally damage your windshield, the decisions you make afterwards have a huge impact on your safety while on the road. If your initial car windshield gets damaged or needs a replacement for whatever reason, it’s very important to be cautious about which company you hire to provide a replacement.

It may initially seem like a trivial decision, but deciding wrongly could cost your life. High-quality auto windshield is very important to see clearly when driving and how the glass windshield is installed is perhaps even more important. If you are planning to get a glass windshield replacement, below are some points to ponder before hiring a glass windshield replacement company.

Windshield Replacement Is Not A One-Man Job

It’s commonplace to see one technician trying to handle a glass windshield replacement job, but this should not be the case. Proper windshield replacement is not a one-man job; it should be done by at least two or more technicians. This is to ensure the technicians have a good view of all the edges of the windshield at all times to see how well it fits before sealing it up.

And of course, it’s easier to detect possible faults when two or more technicians are at the job. If you show up for a glass windshield replacement and the company sends out one man for the job, it’s usually a sign to run in the opposite direction.

Crown Removal Is Necessary

You know a company that does their job well by their attention to details. To get a quality auto glass windshield replacement, the cowl panel — the plastic cover that is lined along the bottom of the glass — must be removed. If not, when the glass windshield is installed, the adhesive might get pushed aside or the windshield might not make proper contact with the adhesive leaving it loosely fitted.

OEM Glass Is The Best Replacement

In most cases, the best replacement for your damaged windshield is usually an OEM glass. Though there are lots of national auto glass companies that manufacture their glass, its quality may unfortunately not be par in OEM glass.

In lots of cases, non-OEM glasses have distortions that can interfere with a driver’s ability to see through it. Dealer or OEM glass windshield is usually superior to generic glass. So when hiring, look out for glass windshield replacement company that uses mostly OEM glass.

A Thorough Inspection Is Quite Important

Good glass windshield replacement is not all about using OEM glass. Sure, it’s the best, but a good windshield replacement company should thoroughly inspect any glass windshield before installation. Anything contrary to this is a sign of negligence or incompetence. Remember, the windshield to be installed has passed through different hands before getting to the windshield replacement company.

It may have probably passed from the Manufacturers to the shipping merchants down to wholesalers and then to the company. During this process, tiny and not easily detected cracks may accumulate all through the glass making highly susceptible damages on the slightest impact.

The windshield replacement process may last for a few hours, but how well it’s done can have a huge impact on your safety when driving. Always endeavor to go for the highest quality glass and hire the right windshield replacement company to get the job done. Don’t settle for lower quality jobs, it may be the big decider during an unfortunate event of an accident.

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