Mustang GT NA 347 Toploader Screams At 8000 RPM 1

Even though there are many modern day supercars that can get you excited whenever you take a look at them, it seems that nothing can get better than the sound of a classic monster. No car will probably ever sound better that the classic American muscle car and this video will prove us just why. Namely, we take a look at a powerful Ford Mustang GT in action as it takes on a drag race. The car has got the Toploader Powershifting transmission with a long V gate. The owner wanted it to push it to the limit.

Mustang GT NA 347 Toploader Screams At 8000 RPM 2

Once everything was nice and ready and he was prepared for the race, the start took place. The sound of the powerful Ford Mustang GT is something that will indulge you in following this video to the very last second of it. The run was not bad at all either.

Namely, it managed to finish it in just 10.53 seconds with a top speed of almost 130 mph. We must say that even the driver was absolutely amazed by the true capabilities of his powerful Ford Mustang GT.

It seems like he had spent thousands of dollars into making this one of the best rides ever. As it can be seen from the interior of the car, the attention to details and to the power plant is what makes this Ford Mustang GT so awesome.

Just listen to that mighty engine in action; it seems that nothing can top that performance!