Pedal To The Problem 5 Signs Your Car Is Heading Toward A Breakdown 2

Cars are a great asset for getting from A to B, but they can be a hassle when they are always breaking down and needing costly repairs. Sometimes it can seem like you have just replaced some expensive component and then a new problem emerges. Car owners need to be able to spot when their vehicle is facing breakdown to keep the costs of repairs low.

If you ever run into serious trouble while out on the road, you can always call a mobile mechanic in the Gold Coast. However, it is helpful to be proactive and to spot early signs of trouble before they become a much bigger issue. Knowing some of the telltale signs and symptoms of a car that is on its last legs is essential for anyone who drives on a regular basis.

With this in mind, let’s look at five specific signs that your car is heading toward a breakdown.

Leaking Oil

Leaks of any kind are usually a sure sign of car trouble. If you see large puddles underneath your vehicle when you drive away, then be sure to take it in as soon as possible. Not only are you potentially harming the environment, but your vehicle may not be able to function at all if too much oil or fluid is lost. 

Burning Smells

Sometimes, car owners notice a burning rubber smell when they are driving around. This is usually indicative of a problem with a belt. Unless you can quickly determine the cause of the smell for yourself, it is important to have a professional mechanic check it out. 

Brake Problems

When your brakes start to make unusual sounds or feel unusual when you press on them, then you need to get them checked out right away. Your brake pads may have worn out and you may be grinding metal on metal to bring your car to a stop. Brake issues can also cause other problems with your vehicle. You may notice that your steering power is affected. Any brake problems need to be handled immediately to ensure your own safety and the safety of others.

Trouble Starting Or Sluggish Acceleration

When your car does not start easily or when it does start, you notice that it has lost much of its acceleration power, then you may be heading towards more serious trouble with your car. You may need to simply replace your air filter or your fuel injector; however, you may also have a low battery or even a faulty ignition system. Get a professional mechanic to take a look.

The Check Engine Light Is On

This point is a bit of a wild card. When the check engine light comes on, this can mean all sorts of different things. In some vehicles, it can simply mean that your gas cap is not on tight enough. In other cases, it can indicate a more serious problem that requires immediate attention. The point is that there is no way to know without consulting a mechanic. If you notice this light, then do not take the risk, go visit a reliable mechanic right away.

Keep Your Car On The Road

Watch out for these five signs when you are driving around in a car. By identifying a potential issue sooner rather than later, the overall costs of the repairs will likely be much lower. Conversely, if you wait too long and fail to recognise these warning signs, you may end up with a car that can no longer work at all.