leaky tire solution chris fix 2

Went to the mall, but now you are unable to go back home because somehow you’ve gotten a leaky tire? Well, worry no more! After watching this video and figuring out what you are supposed to do in a situation like this, you will get rid of your problem in no time! But first things first. In order to be able to leave the parking lot and start working on your flat tire, you’ve got to have several “first aid” tools in your car. One of them is the portable air compressor, recommended by our man here, ChrisFix.

This tool will help you inflate your tire in no more than five minutes. By doing so, you are going to be able to get to your home nice and easy, unless you live a bit further or the leak is bigger than expected. However, if your tire leak is causing bigger problems (you will wait for a couple of minutes to determine that), you will have to turn to the other solutions ChrisFix offers. Then, in the second half of the video ChrisFix is going to show you how to fix your leaky tire entirely. Play the video to find them out.

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