65 Year Old Guy Takes His Wife On a Crazy Ride in a 700HP Mustang 1

There are some people who have not yet experienced the true power and the true speed that certain cars are able to make. This is exactly what this woman was about to experience for the first time of her life when she was taken for an exciting ride in her husband’s 695HP Mustang. One thing is for sure, the car really does look amazing and it has got that classic shape on it, but little did she know that what was under the hood is what mattered. There was couple of cameras mounted on the inside to capture her reaction.

65 Year Old Guy Takes His Wife On a Crazy Ride in a 700HP Mustang 2

When she got inside the car, her expectations were not anywhere near close to the real deal. Even though at first everything was going on pretty well and she enjoyed the pleasant and calm ride in her husband’s 695HP Mustang, she soon experienced something rather different.

As soon as he pushed the throttle to the max, the car launched itself across the road, leaving her in a complete shock and disbelief. For the first time in her life she experienced what true power and speed really is like.

There was nothing that could stand on the way of what mercifully staggering 659HP Mustang. It is quite obvious that the car had been made with love and every aspect of it, including the engine, is of top most high-quality and preciseness.

Her reaction was absolutely hilarious so make sure to check out the full video and see what true shock really looks like!